Aftercare Planning

After Detox Planning is Necessary for Lasting Recovery

Treatment of addiction does not stop after detox. If you have completed a rehab program for substance abuse, aftercare planning is essential to continue the path of recovery. When you return home from rehab, there is still a risk of relapse. Fortunately, patients who opt for aftercare services after detox and rehab may experience a lower likelihood of returning to former addictions. At Boca Cove Detox, we help patients continue to live a life of sobriety in the long-term.

Inpatient Care

Boca Cove Detox provides intensive inpatient medical services. As you enter our safe and comfortable surroundings, your stress will be relieved so that you can begin the drug and alcohol detox process. Throughout your withdrawal symptoms, you will be monitored and encouraged to continue. After withdrawal symptoms end, you will continue treatment utilizing various therapies to help you return to a sober way of life.

Individual Therapy

It is essential to get to the root of the problem that is behind your substance use. At our Boca Raton detox facility, we offer individual therapy to discuss your feelings and emotions that emerge after detox. Our certified therapists work with all patients and develop plans that prevent relapse into the long-term. We teach coping mechanisms and ways to avoid triggers so that you can handle the pressures of the outside world without turning to old habits.

Outpatient Care

When you are ready to leave inpatient treatment, it is essential to continue recovery care. We encourage you to participate in group meetings on an outpatient basis so that you continue your journey of sobriety. Remaining accountable for your actions and having peer support is an essential part of long-term recovery. It would be best if you had a sponsor available who acts like a guide when you reach rough patches.

Sober Living

It is often dangerous for a person to return home after detox and treatment for substance abuse. This atmosphere may be filled with temptations to use again. Also, you may not be ready to return to the everyday stresses of life without help. In these instances, you may wish to enter a sober living house. This place helps a person live a more normal life without triggers that can compromise early recovery.

In sober living, you reside with people who are in the same situation as you. In this manner, you can support each other. Also, you learn ways to manage work, school, and regular activities without using substances as a crutch. Sober living is a great way to limit triggers in everyday life while continuing recovery.

Resources Available in Aftercare Programs

After experiencing an addiction, you may have lost your job and may need to find new employment. You may even be struggling with legal issues. To relieve stress that can cause a relapse, you will have access to various resources through aftercare programs.

  • Life coaching
  • Financial planning support
  • Academic assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Legal advice

How Boca Cove Detox Assists with Aftercare Planning in Boca Raton

The goal of Boca Cove Detox is to ensure that all patients have the tools and knowledge to enjoy long-term sobriety. Detox is just the start of rehabilitation. Once the substance is out of your system, the hard part begins. To get you on the right track, we offer a multitude of treatment options. As you re-enter society with a sober lifestyle, you need assistance dealing with triggers and assimilating them back into everyday activities. We will work with you to organize your aftercare. When you have a stable plan, you will be prepared to stay strong in recovery.

If you’re ready to get started in your recovery, contact us today for more information.

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