Medical Services During Detox in Boca Raton, FL

At Boca Cove Detox, we understand that recovery is physical and emotional and should include medical services during detox. Having a team of experienced medical professionals working with patients ensures a healthy and successful recovery into the long-term.

Dual Diagnosis Detox

When entering a detox facility, it is quite common for a patient to receive a dual diagnosis. In other words, a patient is dealing with addiction issues simultaneously as other mental health problems. For instance, you may be battling alcohol abuse along with anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. To uncover the true source of the problem and properly treat all issues, medical services are essential. At our facility, licensed professionals are available to monitor detox and to treat any complications that occur.

Psychiatric Evaluations and Medical Services During Detox

Each patient enters our Boca Raton facility and immediately receives medical and psychiatric evaluations. These allow our team to review your case and to follow-up with the best type of treatment. Nobody’s struggles are precisely the same. This is why we take a specialized approach to every patient’s recovery. We carefully monitor each patient and meet to make sure that everything is going well. If problems arise, we are ready to act.

Living Through Detox

When you stop drinking alcohol, your body will begin the withdrawal process. The withdrawal process is challenging and can get quite uncomfortable. You may experience symptoms like nausea, shaking, and worse. Medical professionals will oversee the detox process so that your symptoms are less bothersome. Also, our medical team ensures the safety and health of all patients. In severe cases, detox can cause the body to go into shock, which can be fatal. We prevent deadly outcomes.

When detox is completed, we encourage further treatment. Detox is just the first step onto the road of sobriety. Future treatment is necessary to ensure the highest likelihood of successful long-term recovery.

Our Medical Staff Plays a Key Role in Detox

Our entire team is trained to offer appropriate medical assistance to our patients. Through compassion and experience, we work hard to make sure that you get through the detox process and have a clear recovery path.

Schedule Medical Appointments

  • At the time of admission, patients meet with our medical team
  • At any time, patients can visit a doctor to ask questions or to express concerns
  • Medical professionals are available 24/7

Perform Evaluations

  • Document patients’ overall health and medical history
  • Perform psychiatric evaluations to identify any underlying conditions that exist

Medication During Treatment

  • Our team prescribes and monitors any medications that are necessary during detox within our treatment program
  • No patient leaves our facility with prescriptions for controlled substances

Work With Boca Cove for Your Detox

When you are ready to begin a life of sobriety, let us help you get through the process. We provide a safe and comfortable environment so that external stresses do not affect the scope of your recovery. Our medical staff is available to make the process even easier. We work with you to ensure that you have the proper tools and supervision to enjoy successful detox and the start of a lasting recovery. For more information about our Boca Raton facility, call us today.

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