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Family Program During Addiction Treatment

Although you may be the only person who is using substances, addiction affects everyone around you. Addiction destroys families and friendships. To help repair these relationships, Boca Cove Detox offers professional family programs during addiction treatment. Creating a support system for the patient helps to forge a bridge of understanding and forgiveness.

The most beneficial family programs provide the opportunity for loved ones to participate in the recovery. Usually, they begin when a patient has completed 60 days of individual treatment. It is essential to make sure that the patient is ready to involve family. It is common for most family program sessions to begin with some challenges, but there is significant healing in the end. When a patient has a solid support system, the road to sobriety becomes easier.

Common Family Programs During Detox

There are various family program levels during detox in our Boca Raton facility. Our certified therapists will recommend the most appropriate treatment and therapy for patients and their families so that recovery is successful.

Family Process Group

Within a family process group, a licensed therapist runs the sessions. These meetings include the patient’s family members. It is a chance for loved ones to understand the reasons behind the patient’s behavior. Each family member can express thoughts and provide feedback. The therapist will do their best to answer all questions.

Family Education Group

During this type of family program, family members learn about various mental disorders that may affect their loved ones and their addiction. Often, family members may not realize that underlying conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, and PTSD are very common for those struggling with addiction. Families also learn about the causes of addiction and ways to prevent relapse. During the family education group, family members will learn how the traditional 12-step education process for recovery works and how to achieve lasting sobriety. The family members and the person recovering begin to understand and set boundaries and plan for aftercare planning.

Individual Family Therapy

Individual family therapy sessions are joint sessions with patients and their families. A licensed therapist discusses many things, including family dynamics. Family members receive updates about their loved one’s treatment progress as well. Patients learn skills and utilize tools to help overcome obstacles during recovery. These obstacles may include the discussion of past events that have affected family dynamics. Steps in aftercare planning are discussed for the whole family.

Family Group Therapy

Family group therapy creates a safe atmosphere where multiple families discuss challenges and triumphs that occur during the addiction recovery process. Sessions include an experienced therapist, various families, and patients. The goal is to create a higher level of support as the patient navigates the path to sobriety.

Receive Help at Boca Cove Detox in Boca Raton, FL

At Boca Cove Detox, we offer different types of therapy treatments to patients and their families. We recognize that family members need help understanding why addiction occurred and must comprehend the importance of supporting their struggling loved ones. Recovery is a slow and long process for everyone. Emotional pain has likely resulted from a patient’s addiction. Family therapy is a way to reconnect with loved ones and to sow the seeds for a successful recovery. To learn more about these family programs, contact us today.

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