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Group Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment must include a comprehensive approach to be successful. Since we embrace the Therapeutic Community model, group therapy is an integral part of our treatment plans. As patients go through our detox and therapy programs at Boca Cove Detox, they enjoy the support of others in a group setting. A professional from our team supervises and directs group sessions.

Understanding the Recovery Community Concept

Recovery is a process that no person should face alone. Overcoming substance abuse requires support and encouragement, and a group setting offers this. Community is an essential part of recovery. When we introduce people to this concept, they make friends, learn about sponsors, and learn how to interact with a group that fosters continued sobriety. In a group setting, a person who struggles with addiction does not feel alone.

Trained leaders provide effective treatment that can help people stay sober. Therapy in a group setting helps people process their feelings, identify struggles, and develop collaborative strategies to overcome them. They also feel a sense of satisfaction in assisting others in finding ways to overcome their struggles. Positive feelings lead to motivation, and motivation is essential for maintaining long-term sobriety.

After people leave Boca Cove Detox, we encourage them to continue therapy in a community setting. There are 12-step program meetings and several other resources available that people can attend to maintain their sobriety on a long-term basis. However, we have a comprehensive group education and therapy approach for patients while they stay with us.

Daily Group Meetings for Addiction Treatment

There are two types of group meetings at Boca Cove Detox used to foster community and create a safe place for individuals to share.

Process Group

A process group is a therapeutic place where people learn to share thoughts and support one another. This is what we tell patients to expect from our process group sessions:

  • Everyone gathers each day to share their struggles and express their feelings.
  • Group members listen attentively and provide ideas and support to their peers.
  • Therapists listen and provide feedback to all group members.

Educational Group

Our educational group equips participants with the knowledge they need to overcome the challenges of addiction. We apply this knowledge to a community setting, showing people why a support network is critical for recovery.

Boca Cove Detox’s educational group goals:

  • We help patients understand why addiction is a disease.
  • Understand and facilitate a 12-step program and how to prevent relapse.
  • Discuss the effects of addiction on families and relationships and work to begin repairing the damage.
  • We help patients learn how to adapt to their post-treatment living situations.
  • Discuss mental health issues and how they affect addiction and recovery.

Medical Education

There are also medical education sessions to help patients address the physical effects of addiction and substance use. Patients will have the chance to learn about addiction traits and how they can influence one’s sobriety.

Educational Materials: “Staying Sober” with Terrence Gorski

One of the educational materials that we incorporate is Terrence Gorski’s “Staying Sober.” He is recognized globally for his practical ideas and strategies, and he offers actionable solutions for people to stay sober and live a fuller life.

Boca Cove Detox uses this book alongside our treatment programs as it offers a written guide and practical tools to help those in recovery.

Learn More About Community Addiction Treatment in South Florida

Our Boca Raton detox facility welcomes residents and people from other parts of South Florida. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, we are here to help you create a custom treatment and sobriety plan. Our team is happy to answer your questions about group therapy and other programs we offer. Contact us today to get started.

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